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Connecting our Communities and Environment

West Dunbartonshire is rich in heritage, inspiration, natural beauty and environmental resources which makes it a great place, it is our responsibility to keep it that way.

We have established a Community Eco Plan as an approach to help create:

  • Wildflower meadows
  • Establish new trees
  • Grow more fruit and vegetables

It's important we do these things in a sustainable way which protects our natural areas for future generations.

The Eco Plan is a 12 month schedule of activities for our schools, nurseries, families and community projects to work together to make the biggest impact possible in West Dunbartonshire.

WD Walkabout

We helps people to work together extending activities and learnings beyond the school grounds. Using and developing our communities’ outdoor spaces and natural heritage resources, we help residents, staff, pupils and families deliver practical learning activities while increasing our communities’ habitats and biodiversity.

WD Eco Plan