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The Inner Clyde Estuary is a nature reserve and protected wetland area in the estuary of the River Clyde, on the west coast of central Scotland. An area of 1,826 hectares has been designated since 2000 as a Ramsar Site, a Special Protection Area and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The protected area of the estuary stretches from Clydebank to Colgrain on the north bank, and from Erskine to Port Glasgow in the south. Although the surrounding areas are heavily industrialised, the tidal mudflats and saltmarsh of the river estuary support large numbers of waders and waterbirds including internationally important populations of common redshank over winter and nationally important numbers of cormorants, eiders, goldeneyes, oystercatchers, red-breasted mergansers, red-throated divers and scaups to the area throughout the year.

Due to the freshwater of the river Leven meeting the salt water of the river Clyde there is a mix of aquatic wildlife and plant life creating interesting mix of ecosystems.

Walks near the Inner Clyde Estuary

There are many walks you can take where you can see the delights of the Inner Clyde Estuary, and we have made up a special page where you can view them all. Click here